Residencies, Awards, Exhibitions


2020 (April - June) WILD CREATIONS, Dept of Conservation Experience, Waipoua Forest, Hokianga

2015 (April - May) DEEP ANATOMY, (cluster of Fluid States: Performances of Unknowing Psi #21), Long Island, Bahamas

2014 (Jan - April) NEW ZEALAND PACIFIC STUDIO (House Manager/Artist in Residence), Mt Bruce, Wairarapa

2013 (Oct - Dec) AUCKLAND REGIONAL PARKS ARTIST IN RESIDENCE - Denise Batchelor, Craw Homestead, Anawhata, Auckland.


2023 IPA - International Photography Awards (honorable mention, Nature/Other category), Los Angeles

2023 IPA - International Photography Awards (honorable mention, Deeper Perspective category), Los Angeles

2022 Parkin Prize (finalist / merit / highly commended), Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Wellington

2021 IPA - International Photography Awards (honorable mention, photography), Los Angeles

2021 National Contemporary Art Award (finalist), Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato

2020 IPA - International Photography Awards (honorable mention, photography), IPA, Los Angeles

2019 Walker & Hall Waiheke Art Award (finalist), Waiheke Gallery, Waiheke Island, Auckland

2018 Walker & Hall Waiheke Art Award (finalist), Waiheke Gallery, Waiheke Island, Auckland

2016 IPA - International Photography Awards (honorable mention, moving images), IPA, Los Angeles

2016 Far North Art Award (finalist) - No. 1 Parnell, Rawene

2014 Parkin Prize (finalist), Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Wellington

2014 Waikato River Art Awards (Overall Winner) - Hamilton

2013 Annual Wallace Art Awards (finalist) - Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland

2013 National Contemporary Art Awards (finalist) - Waikato Museum, Hamilton

2013 Estuary Artworks (finalist) - Uxbridge Art Centre, Auckland

Solo Exhibitions

2023 (3rd Nov - 18th Feb 2024) MORNING COMMUTE, The Arts House Trust, Pah Homestead, Auckland

2021 (4th Oct - 5th Dec) SUMMER BREEZE, Dunedin Art Gallery, Rear Window Programme, Dunedin

2019 (24th Aug - 12th October) WILDERNESS, WATER & WIND, Papakura Gallery, 10 Averil St, Papakura, Auckland

2018 (5th - 23rd June) BLUE SERIES, Festival of Photography, Orexart, 15 Putiki St, Arch Hill, Auckland

2018 (19th May - 23rd June) WILDERNESS, WATER & WIND, Nathan Homestead, Auckland

2016 (11th June - 23rd Aug) NATURA NATURANS, A MOVING IMAGE SURVEY, Tauranga Art Gallery, Tauranga

2016 (11th March - 22nd May) JUST ONE BREATH, Wairarapa Aratoi Museum of Art & History, Masterton

2015 (Dec - mid Jan 2016) STRANDED, Mason's Screen, Mason Lane, Wellington

2014 (April) A WAY OF SEEING, Arataki Visitor Centre, Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, Auckland

2013 (July - Sept) UNSEEN, UNHEARD - TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Hillsborough, Auckland

2013 (May - June) SILENT WINGS - Auckland Festival of Photography, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland

Group Exhibitions

2024 (4th Feb) TE WHENUA TUPU ORA by Niniwa Collective, Kiriata Maori Film Festival, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth

2023 (28th Sept - 8th Oct) TaiXi: THAT BIRTH BREATH, Tuitui Artspace, Grey Lynn, Auckland

2023 (23rd Sept - 26th Nov) Cinema 3/99: THE WONDERS OF WATER, CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Spain

2023 (2nd Sept - 1st Oct) SPRING TIDE, Village Arts Gallery, Kohukohu, Northland

2023 (21st March - August) WORLD WEATHER NETWORK, Te Hukatai: Sea Foams (with Maureen Lander and Stìobhan Lothian), online and opening exhibition at Te Tuhi Art Gallery, Pakaranga, Auckland 4th June 2023

2023 (1st - 30th April) HEAVEN ON EARTH (with Tira and Rachel Miller), Village Arts Gallery, Kohukohu, Northland

2022 (3rd Sept - 4th Dec) AT THRESHOLDS (with Maureen Lander), City Art Gallery, Wellington

2022 (October 23rd) EXPERIMENT 120 PROGRAMME: FLUIDITY, OORtreaders Festival, Pelt, Belgium

2022 (Sept) OUTDOOR GALLERIES EXHIBITION (3rd), part of the Medea 2022 Symposium on Science, Art and Technology, Nafplion, Greece

2022 (2nd Aug - 11th Sept) PARKIN PRIZE EXHIBITION (finalist / merit / highly commended), NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington

2022 (29th June - 3rd July) URBAN DREAMS - Te Wahi o Te Papa Whakata, 106 Courtney Place, Wellington

2022 (25th June - 24th July) WHAKAPAPA – The Puangarua Mataariki Exhibition, Village Arts, Kohukohu, Hokianga

2022 TeKupenga.NET, Village Arts, Kohukohu, Hokianga

2022 (March) BORDER CROSSING CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL, Polish / Ukrainian border

2021 NATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART AWARDS Exhibition (finalist), Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato, Hamilton

2021 WHENUA (5th June - 25th July) Village Arts, Kohukohu, Hokianga

2021 HAUMANU - Will you breathe for me? (5th June - ...), Imaginarium, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland

2021 WHENUA TUPU ORA - Projection, Hokianga Harbour, Northland

2020 (10th, 11th Oct) GAIA, Artweek, Raynham Park, Auckland

2020 (June 1st - June 7th) OSCILLATE, The Nomadic Art Gallery (part of Bildungsdrang) New Zealand, Aotearoa

2020 (Sept) THE NATURE, THE MACHINES AND THE OBJECTS, Le Lieu Unique, Center for Contemporary Culture, Nantes, France.

2020 (7th June - 30th June) TIMATANGA O TE WHENUA TU ORA, Digital Screens, Auckland Festival of Photography, Northart, Auckland

2020 (12th March - extended 4 July) EBB, Maureen Lander & Denise Batchelor, Mokopopaki, K Rd, Auckland

2020 (28th Feb - 20th March) HOKIANGA FESTIVAL FOR CHANGE, te ha - the breath, No. 1 Parnell Gallery, Rawene

2020 (26th Feb - 1st March) RISE, Mick Douglas & Denise Batchelor, The Performance Arcade, Wellington Waterfront, Wellington

2020 (21st Feb - 15th March) INTO THE OPEN, Presented by Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and New Zealand Festival, Wellington Waterfront, Wellington

2020 (8th Feb - 8th March) ECOLOGY 2020 - BIG WORDS BIGGER ACTIONS, Village Arts, Kohukohu

2019/2020 (22nd Dec - 30th Jan) RURU, Society of Scottish Artists/Visual Arts Scotland & Cutlog (Artists Moving Image Screening), Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland

2019 (25th Oct - 17th Nov) FINALISTS EXHIBITION, Walker & Hall Waiheke Art Award, Waiheke Gallery, Waiheke Island, Auckland

2019 (28th Sept) HOME MOVIES, Aura Festival of Artist Moving Images, 'Just Breathe' by Denise Batchelor, John Castle Chemist, Newton, Wellington

2019 (7th June - 21st July) TANE-TE-WAIORA / SHALL WE WORK TOGETHER, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland

2019 (29th March - 31st May) WAI, Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art & History, Masterton

2019 (5th 16th March) HER EYE, The Grey Place, 37 Scanlan St, Grey Lynn, Auckland

2018 (1st Nov) ECO-CONNECTIVITY EXHIBITION, Art Science Exhibits, Berlin Science Week, Invalidenstraße 42., Berlin, Germany

2018 (20th Oct - Nov) WALKER AND HALL WAIHEKE ART AWARD, Waiheke Art Gallery, Waiheke Island, Auckland

2018 (25th October) IF YOU KNEW ME, Demo, 21 Shaddock St, Eden Terrace, Auckland

2018 (3rd May - 25th June) WATER, Geoff Wilson Gallery, Northtec, Whangarei

2018 (14th April - end May) 3D, Village Arts Gallery, Kohukohu

2018 (13th April) ARATOI ARTISTS AUCTION, Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Arts & History, Masterton

2017 (18th Nov - 18th Feb) TE RONGO ANIWANIWA / A DISSONANT HARMONY, Waikato Art Museum

2017 (25th Nov - 3rd Dec) dEEP ANATOMY, Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

2017 (1st Nov - 17th Nov) EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, APPEALING TO THE POPULOUS, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Germany

2017 (20th Oct) HOKIANGA FILM FESTIVAL, Rawene

2017 (20th Oct - TBC) Denise Batchelor, No. 1 Parnell, Rawene

2017 (7th - 15th Oct) OBSCURITY (Artweek), Studio 541, 541 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland

2017 (30th Sept - 18th Oct) ESTRANGED (Artweek), Depotspace, Devonport, Auckland

2017 (9th June - 17th July) KAURI ORA MAURI ORA, Whangarei Art Museum, Whangarei

2017 (17th April - 4th May) FRAME WORKS, Auction for Asylum Seeker Support Trust, CBD Auckland

2017 (18th March) Video (part of a selection shown), Cindy Sherman: Symposium, City Art Gallery, Wellington

2016 (2nd Dec - 15th Jan) ART IS A LIVING THING, Aratoi Museum of Art & History, Masterton

2016 (12th Nov - 17th Dec) FAR NORTH ART AWARD, No. 1 Parnell, Rawene, Northland

2016 (10th - 20th Nov) NEW ZEALND SCULPTURE ON THE SHORE, Fort Takapuna, Auckland

2016 (22nd October) PAPER FOREST, onboard Swale, Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6, New York, USA

2016 (20th October) NEW ZEALAND: KIWI CONSCIOUSNESS, Fondazione Benetton Study Ricerche, via Cornarotta, 7-9, 31100 Treviso, Italy

2016 (6th - 28th Aug) ALL IN, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville

2016 (19th April - 26th June) THE PRESENT OCCUPIES NO SPACE, Wallace Art Centre, Auckland

2016 (2nd - 6th March) THE PERFORMANCE ARCADE, Waterfront (behind Te Papa) Wellington

2015 (Sept - Oct) DENISE BATCHELOR, 30 Upstairs, Wellington

2015 (Aug - Sept) THE FOREST BREATHES / Tane-whakapiripiri, Nathan Homestead, Manurewa, Auckland

2015 (Feb - May) NUKU: SYMBOLS OF MANA, Dowse Museum, Wellington

2015 (Feb) THE PERFORMANCE ARCADE - AV Series, Wellington

2014 (Nov) 10th Biennial SCULPTURE ON SHORE, Fort Takapuna, Devonport, Auckland

2014 (October) BRAVEHEART Art Exhibition, Pavilion 6, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland


2014 (October) SINGULAR VISIONS, The Cellar, Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson, Auckland

2014 (Sept/October) THE NEXT STATION IS..., Circle Gallery, Newmarket, Auckland

2014 (August/Sept) THE SPINE OF THE LAND / TE UA O TE WHENUA, Papakura Gallery, Auckland

2014 (July/August) PARKIN PRIZE finalists exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington

2014 (June/August) EXHIBITION 1, artbase.org Gallery, 78 Coates Ave, Auckland

2014 (June) WAIKATO RIVER ART AWARDS, Hamilton

2014 (Feb - April) The Wallace Art Awards Finalists Travelling Exhibition, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville

2014 (March) TOOLS OF THE TRADE, Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne

2013/14 (Nov - Feb) The Wallace Art Awards Finalists Travelling Exhibition, Pataka Museum of Arts & Cultures, Porirua

2013 (Aug - Nov) JUST BREATHE - National Contemporary Art Awards, Waikato Museum, Hamilton

2013 (Sept - Nov) OSCILLATE - 22nd Annual Wallace Art Awards 2013, Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland

2013 (October) OFF THE WALL - ARTISTS FILMS ALFRESCO - Auckland Art Week, Fencibles Walkway/Park, Howick (Courtesy of Uxbridge Art)

2013 (August) SHIPPED, BLUE II - Digibox, Princes Wharf, Auckland

2013 (August) RURU - Auckland Art Fair, The Cloud, Auckland (Courtesy of Orexart)

2013 (July) THE RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE - Orexart Gallery, Arch Hill, Auckland

2013 (July) ESTUARY ARTWORKS - Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery, Auckland

2013 (March/April) KURA TE WARU-REWIRI, LINDSAY MARKS, DENISE BATCHELOR - North Tech's Geoff Wilson Gallery, Whangarei

2013 (March) THAT, THAT WAS AND WASN'T - Second Storey, K Rd, Auckland

2013 (March) ECOWEST FESTIVAL - Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland

2013 (March) RURU, DUNEDIN FRINGE FESTIVAL - The Hub, Octagon, Dunedin

2013 (March) DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH - White Night at Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

2012 (June) CONVERGENCE - Auckland Festival of Photography - Fringe, Black Asterisk Gallery, Auckland

2012 (May) ART TO AID THE CUBAN FIVE - Satellite Gallery, 136A Newton Rd, Auckland


2012 (March - April) ART ON LIFE - NZ Academy of Fine Arts, 1 Queens Wharf, Wellington

2012 (Feb - March) THE GENERAL SALES - Black Asterisk, Auckland

2012 (Feb) SPLORE Art & Music Festival - Tapapakanga Regional Park, Auckland

2011 (Dec) - 2012 (Feb) WINTERLAND - Black Asterisk, Auckland

2011 (Dec) - 2012 (Jan) 2011 RECENT GRADUATES - Corban Estate Art Centre, Auckland

2011 (Nov) TONGUE & GARRETT - POP UP, co2 74 France St, Newton, Auckland

2011 (Oct) - PELAGO (extended) - TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland

2011 (Aug/Sep) - PELAGO - TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland

2011 (May) - OWL CAGED - Viewfinder Window, Central Library, Auckland

2011 (Jan) - VITAL SIGNS - Pearce Gallery, Parnell, Auckland

2010 (May) - EAST TO WEST, WEST TO EAST - Braveheart Youth Trust Exhibition, Auckland

2009 (Nov/Dec) - EAST TO WEST, WEST TO EAST - The Void Gallery, Tauranga